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All forms are provided in PDF format. If you are unable to open the form please click here and download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.If you are unable to download any of these forms/applications, please contact us and we will be happy to email them to you.
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Other Forms and Applications


Notice of Claim Form- Revised

Building / Neighborhood Permits and Applications

formBuilding and Construction Applications


formMechanical Permit Applications
formElectrical Permit Applications
formPlumbing Permit Applications

formFire Permit Applications
formSign Permit Applications
formOccupancy Permit Applications
formMiscellaneous Permit Applications

formBlank Site Plan

formHomeowner Site Plan

Building and Construction Applications
formMiscellaneous Building Permit Application (Additions, Remodels, Porches/Patios, Etc.)
formFence Permit Application

formNew Construction Permit Application-Residential

Drainage Statement

formDrive Approach Permit Application
formNew Construction Permit Application-Commercial formSwimming Pool Permit Application
formTenant Finishout Permit Application formBuilding Demolition Permit Application, Homeowner Authorization, Asbestos Survey
formRoofing Permit Application - Commercial formRoofing Permit Application - Residential
formNew Construction Residential Drainage Statement

formWater Well Application

form Irrigation Permit Application  
Mechanical Permit Applications
formMechanical Permit Application


Electrical Permit Applications
formElectrical Permit Application formElectrical Release Permit Application


Plumbing Permit Applications
formPlumbing Permit Application


Fire Permit Applications
formFire Sprinkler Permit Application formFire Line Permit Application
formFire Alarm Permit Application formFuel Tank Installation/Removal Permit Application
formFire Suppression System Permit Application


Sign Permit Applications
formPermanent Sign Permit Application formTemporary/Portable/Grand Opening Sign Permit Application


Occupancy Permit Applications
formRental Inspection Application formCertificate of Occupancy Permit Application


Miscellaneous Permit Applications
formPermit Extension Application formTemporary Use/Event Application
formSwimming Pool Gate and Alarm Application formTemporary Business Permit Application
formMiscellaneous/Special Events Permit Application formItinerant Merchant Application
formAsbestos Survey Verification Form formLiquor License Application
formWater/Sewer Fee Schedules formLiquid Waste Permit Application
formUtility Contact Information Boat Permits
Garage Sale Permit

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I am having a garage sale. Is a permit required?

A. A garage sale permit must be obtained in order to have a garage sale. You must bring in a driver's license or picture ID to obtain the permit. Permits are $5.00 and it is required by City Ordinance No. 829, that they be obtained at least 24 hours in advance. You may have the sale for three consecutive days and twice a year. Signs are not allowed on utility poles, in easements or any City right of ways.

Q. What happens if it rains during my sale?

A. If you have the sale for at least one day out of the three original days listed on your permit, you will not be able to make up the day that was lost due to rain. If you are scheduled to have a sale and it rains or there is bad weather, and you called the garage sale off in its entirety, than you must come in the next business day to reschedule the garage sale for another weekend. The City will reschedule the garage sale one (1) time without any extra charge.

Liquor Licenses

Q. My business wishes to sell alcoholic beverages. Do I have to have a City License to sell alcohol?

A. Any business that wishes to sell alcohol within the City limits must secure a City License per City Ordinance No. 460. License fees are one half of the state license. The applicant must submit the Liquor License Application and a copy of the State Liquor License to obtain a city license. Licenses are good for one year and will expire at the same time as your State license. Licenses must be posted in a conspicuous place.

Boat Permits

Q. I have a boat that I would like to launch at Lake Worth. is a permit required through the City of Lake Worth?

A. The City of Lake Worth is not affiliated with Lake Worth, a permit through the City is not required. However a permit is required through the City of Fort Worth.  You can obtain boat permits at:

Casino Beach Mart,  7601 Jacksboro Hwy, Fort Worth, Texas 76135,  817-237-5101 or 
Navajo Burgers,  7028 Navajo Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76135,  817-237-9992


Information concerning a boat permit is available on the internet and can be obtained by mail using the following web site.

Temporary and Portable Sign Application

Q. I want to put up a temporary or portable sign, is this allowed within the City of Lake Worth?

A. Temporary and Portable signs are allowed, but they must be permitted and follow the specifications set out in the sign ordinance. Temporary signs are good for 30 days with at least 30 days between each permit and the permit cost is $10.00. Complete rules and regulations may be found in the sign ordinance available at City Hall or online under the City Code link.

Water/Sewer Fees

Q. I need water and/or sewer taps to my property. What is required and what kind of fees are involved?

A. These items will very depending on weather you are a commercial business or a residence and what size service you are anticipating. See the Water/Sewer Fees schedule for pricing information.

Q. I am opening a business in the City of Lake Worth. Will I need a Certificate of Occupancy?

A. Building Code and City Ordinance requires that prior to a business opening its doors for business, a certificate of occupancy must be obtained. The CO Application needs to be filled out completely and turned into the permit department with the $100.00 fee. Once the application has been obtained an inspection will be scheduled for the Fire Marshall and Building Inspector to come out and perform a walk through inspection of the structure. Once an inspection has been passed by both departments, a CO will be processed and mailed or delivered to the business. The CO must be posted in a conspicuous place at all times

Q. I have a business and I want to sell door to door within the City limits. What do I need to do so?

A. Itinerant Merchant/Solicitors may apply to sell door to door within the city limits. City Ordinance No.358 requires the Itinerant Merchant/ Solicitors Application to be filled out completely and accompanied with all the requested information. The initial license is $50.00 and each license under that license is $25.00. Approval is made by the City Manager. Applicant will be notified of the approval or denial after the application has been reviewed.

Q. I have a rental house in the City of Lake Worth, is anything required before a renter can move in?

A. City Ordinance No. 853 requires that all rental properties have a yearly inspection before a tenant can move in and establish utilities in their name. The owner of the property must complete a Rental Release Form and pay the $25.00 inspection fee. Once this has been turned in an inspection will be scheduled for the inspector to come out. Once the inspection has been passed the renter may move in and have the utilities turned on under their name.



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