Be A Responsible Owner

In the United States, 2,000 pets an hour have to be euthanized... Please help stop these unnecessary deaths by being a responsible pet owner!

  1. Select the right pet.
    • Selecting the right pet is the first and most important step.
    • The “wrong” pet makes for an unhappy owner.
    • Consider your lifestyle: do you have the time and energy to give your pet enough attention and exercise?
  2. Spay and neuter your pet.
    • Prevents unwanted pets.
    • Prevents problems for you.
    • Prevents cancer and other diseases.
    • Makes pets calmer, more content.
    • Reduces spotting or spraying problems, and
    • Discourages roaming and fighting.
  3. Use proper identification.
    • The rabies identification tag is your pet's “free phone call home!”
    • The law requires that all pets wear rabies tags.
    • The most common reason pets are not found: NO Identification!
    • A frequent excuse for missing tags – “We just gave our pet a bath…”
  4. What you – and only you – can do for your pet…
    • Provide proper training.
    • Confine dogs to your home or in a fenced yard.
    • Keep cats indoors.