History of the City Secretary

The position of a city secretary or municipal clerk is the oldest public servant role in recorded history. The earliest clerks appeared around 5,000 B.C. with the invention of writing. Biblical reference to the town clerk is found in the Book of Acts chapter 19:35. There is history dating back to ancient Greece that is sometimes titled "city clerk." Early clerk scribes literally used the quill writing instrument. The clerk's office is always one of the first offices created when government is established, and the office is charged with keeping the official records of the government. This government position literally follows the history of writing itself, advancing from verbal, handwritten, typed, and printed, to computerized, digitized and Internet-based documentation and communication technology.

The Lake Worth City Secretary's Office of today uses modern technology to provide services to citizens, city council, staff, and other government agencies. Ordinances, minutes, and agendas are available electronically, and documents are maintained in accordance with the records management system mandated by the State of Texas. Election laws are both federal and state based, and this office must keep abreast of the latest legal requirements to ensure that all required standards are met. The challenges of official record keeping today, although increased in volume as compared to the past, is maintained by a trained, competent office to ensure that the official records of the City are kept through time for current and future knowledge and historical documentation.

The City Secretary's Office continues to preserve the tradition, ethics, integrity and standards developed by the pioneers of the position in the City of Lake Worth. The following is a listing of those who have served the City of Lake Worth as City Secretary.

City SecretaryDates Served
Monica SolkoMar 2017 to present
Linda RhodesFeb 2002 to Feb 2017
Joey HighfillJun 2001 to Feb 2003
Bob SalinasApr 200 to May 2001
Mark ToddMar 1992 to Mar 2000
Dorothy PraileySep 1991 to Mar 1992
Linda IngramNov 1986 to Sep 1991
Robert TurnerMar 1985 to Oct 1985
Linda HaskellFeb 1985 to Mar 1986
L. O. IrbyJan 1969 to Jan 1985
T. L. BourlandNov 1968 to Dec 1968
R. L. BlevinsFeb 1965 to Jul 1968
Johnnie CalhounOct 1964 to Jan 1965
John BlackwellOct 1964 to Oct 1964
George CampbellJul 1964 to Sep 1964
W. S. Brumbaugh1957 to 1964
E. E. Flory1954 to 1957
Leo P. Ward1951 to 1953
C. L. Elston1950 to 1951