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Fire Inspector, Joe Hamilton

The Fire Prevention Division strives to promote a fire-safe environment by reducing the probability, frequency, and severity of fires within the City of Lake Worth and Town of Lakeside. The department works to lessen or reduce the consequences of fire, injuries, death, and property losses through proactive fire prevention and education practices. The department also offers a comprehensive fire inspection program, including both business and residential structures, that promotes fire safety practices in the home, school, and the workplace -- working together to ensure resilient and safer communities. 

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The Purpose of Inspections

Fire inspections are conducted to educate citizens on fire safety practices, eliminate potential hazards and dangers, and work toward solutions that increase the safety of all. Sometimes fire prevention is as simple as removing an extension cord from under a rug. The department assists property owners in resolving fire safety issues in a timely manner.

Fire Protection System Requirements

All fire protection systems must be installed by a company licensed in the State of Texas for the work being performed. An automatic fire sprinkler system will be required for commercial structures greater than 6000 square feet or less depending on the services provided and/or size of the building. 

Knox Lock Boxes

Knox Boxes are to be installed at exterior access doors to the fire protection riser rooms or other identified locations as required by the Fire Marshal. Knox Boxes are ordered on-line at and are assigned a unique key core for the Lake Worth Fire Department.

To order a Knox box that has been approved and keyed for the Lake Worth Fire Department (Texas):

  • Select the box you want on the Knox website
  • Enter the zip code for Lake Worth - 76135
  • Select Lake Worth Fire Department from the list

Fire inspections can be requested by calling (817) 255-7952 or by email at

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