Speaking at a Council Meeting


With the recent developments regarding COVID-19, Governor Abbott has suspended requirements for face-to-face interaction between members of the public and public officials during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In alignment with recommendations from the CDC and local health officials to minimize and slow the spread of COVID-19, future City of Lake Worth meetings will be conducted via video conference and City Hall will be closed to the public.  

Participating in the Meeting Via Telephone

The public may provide written comments on specific agenda items at least one hour prior to the meeting by completing a comment card and emailing to publiccomment@lakeworthtx.org. You will have the option to submit a comment or request to speak. You will be required to provide your name, address, telephone number and the nature of your request. Comments may only be submitted to the City Council for citizen presentation, public comments on posted agenda items or during a public hearing.

Your contact information is important. A member of staff, at the appropriate time, will call you during the meeting. You will be placed on speaker phone and you will have three minutes to address the City Council. 

Guidelines for participating on telephone: 

  1. Mute device that is playing live stream of the City Council meeting
  2. State your name and address for the record
  3. You have three minutes to address the City Council.  

Types of Appearances

Members of the public may address the Council at the following times during a meeting:

  1. Citizens Presentation is a specified time at the beginning of each Council meeting for citizens to speak on a subject pertaining to the city’s jurisdiction that is not formally scheduled on the agenda, scheduled as a public hearing or scheduled for consideration by the Council or another city board or commission at a later date. Comments will not be allowed on any matter on which staff has scheduled or will be scheduling stakeholder or similar meetings to solicit citizen input within 60 days, it being Council’s intent that such comments be made at such meetings. The Council is prohibited from deliberating or taking action on any subject not on the posted agenda. The Council may have the subject placed on an agenda for a future meeting or, if appropriate, have staff respond to your concerns. The time limit is three (3) minutes per speaker, not to exceed a total of thirty (30) minutes for all speakers.
  2. Public Hearings may be held throughout the regular agenda items and are usually required by Texas law. Speakers will not be permitted to speak about matters or present evidence which is not germane to the item being considered. Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes for individuals. The rule allowing one person to speak for 10 people is suspended during the declaration to adhere to social distancing regulations. There is a cumulative limit of thirty (30) minutes for all those speaking in favor of an item and a like limit for those speaking in opposition. If needed, time limits may be extended with concurrence of Council. No person may speak twice to the same item until all persons wishing to speak have been recognized. A person will only be allowed to speak a second time when there is new evidence to present.
  3. Public Comment (regular agenda items) provide an opportunity for citizens to address the Council on matters which are scheduled on this agenda for consideration by the Council, but not scheduled as a public hearing. In order to address the Council during public comments, a Public Meeting Appearance Card must be completed and presented to the City Secretary at least one hour prior to the start of the Council meeting. Speakers must observe the three (3) minute time limit.


No member of the public shall be permitted to conduct any verbal personal attack on the mayor, any individual member of the council, city staff, or member of any city board or commission. Any such personal attack, or attempted personal attack, may be challenged with a point of order or the mayor may interrupt an offending speaker to enforce this rule. The mayor may prevent any citizen from addressing the Council who makes comments or provides documents during public comments portion of the Council meeting that are defamatory, whether slander or libel, rise to the level of disorderly conduct, incite a riot, or are considered a breach of the peace.

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