Field Operations Division

Excellence in Service and Protection

The field operations division is comprised of 19 uniformed officers working around the clock to suppress crime and promote the safety of the Lake Worth community. Our officers are highly capable, diverse and take tremendous pride in serving the Lake Worth community with excellence. The division is organized into four shifts staffed with a patrol supervisor and three officers. Each officer is assigned to one of three beats and the supervisor acts as a roving officer - responding to calls as needed.

Patrol Philosophy

At LWPD, we are not satisfied with simply getting the job done. It is our goal to relentlessly pursue excellence in all that we do. Using a blend of community and intelligence-led policing, LWPD is able to target crime areas while maintaining genuine and productive relationships with the community.

Our Culture

We are unapologetically different. We believe that culture equals values plus behavior (C = V + B). People throughout our department are empowered to make a difference, regardless of rank or position. To learn more about our culture, check out the video below.