General Information

General Information

The Lake Worth Municipal Court is a Court of Record. Cases filed with the Court include traffic violations, Class C misdemeanors, violations of City ordinances, and parking violations that are punishable by fine only. The maximum fine (not including Court costs) are as follows:

Traffic Violations$200
City Ordinance Violations$200
Class C Penal Code Violations$500
Certain City Ordinance Violations$2,000

The clerks of the court cannot give legal advice to defendants.

You may consult with or hire an attorney if you wish to have an attorney represent you. You are not required to have an attorney. The court is not required by law to provide you an attorney if you can not afford one. 
Each violation has a predetermined fine and court cost amount. This amount may be increased or decreased due to the circumstances surrounding each case. Fine amounts may only be changed by the Judge.

Office of Court Administration (OCA)

Monthly Report

The Court is required to submit a monthly report to the Office of Court Administration with various statistical data.

Failure to Appear/Failure to Pay Program (OMNI)

The Lake Worth Municipal Court participates in the Department of Public Safety's Failure to Appear Program.  If you Fail to Appear or Fail to Pay your citation a hold will be placed on your driver's license.  You will not be allowed to renew your driver's license until the hold has been cleared by the Municipal Court.

To see if you have any holds on your DL please click here.

Self Help Resources
Common Violation Fees

Court Costs and Fees are subject to change at any time. Please call to verify your fine amount.

Speeding 10-15 mph over$220.00
Speeding 16-20 mph over$240.00
Speeding 21+ mph over$260.00
Disregard Stop Sign$205.00
Disregard Signal Light (Red Light)$205.00
Improper Turn$205.00
No Seatbelt - Driver$154.00
Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility$400.00
No Valid Driver's License$200.00
Expired Driver's License$150.00
Failed to Yield Right of Way$205.00
Safe Harbor Court

We are a Safe Harbor Court. If you appear in the court office with valid Identification to take care of your warrants you WILL NOT be arrested. The court can make payment arrangements or set your cases for a court date with the Judge.

Pay Your Citation

The Municipal Court accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards to pay your traffic fines or warrants in full in the office, online, or by phone. Click on the link below or call 1-800-444-1187 to process a payment. There will be a convenience fee added to all credit/debit payments.

You will need to have your citation number to process a payment. If you wish to pay by credit/debit in the office, the cardholder must be present with valid identification for a clerk to process your payment.


In Office: 3% convenience fee added (minimum charge of $1.95)

Online: 3.5% convenience fee added (minimum charge of $2.95)

By Phone: 5% convenience fee added (minimum charge of $3.95)

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