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We're looking for open-minded, creative problem solvers to serve the citizens and visitors of Lake Worth. With excellence as our guide, we are never satisfied with simply getting the job done. Our team constantly strives to provide the BEST service possible (Like Chick-fil-A kind of service). To do that, we need amazing men and women like you to join our team! Positions do not become available often, so if you're interested in joining our team, now is the time.

Here you can expect to be supported, valued, and backed by your department, city and elected leaders 100%! Additionally, LWPD shatters national diversity statistics for police officers. As perhaps the most diverse police department in all of North Texas, we are made up of people from many races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and backgrounds. Our diversity is what gives us strength and an undeniable bond with our community.

Current Opportunities:

  • We're all full! Please check back often for new opportunities.

Police Officer Base Compensation:

Police Officer STEP Pay Scale (FY23)  
(1 Step = 1 yr of Police Service)Annual SalaryHourly Rate
STEP 1$60,900$29.28
STEP 2$62,727$30.16
STEP 3 (Lateral Entry)$64,609$31.06
STEP 4$66,547$31.99
STEP 5$68,543$32.95
STEP 6$70,600$33.94
STEP 7$72,718$34.96
STEP 8$74,899$36.01
STEP 9$77,146$37.09
STEP 10$79,461$38.20

Additional Compensation & Benefits:

  • Professional Certification and Education Pay ($200/mo combined maximum)
    • Associates Degree - $50/mo
    • Bachelor's Degree - $75/mo
    • Master's Degree - $100/mo
    • Certifications - $25 per certification/mo
  • Bilingual Pay for Spanish and/or Vietnamese - $75/mo1
  • Longevity Pay - $7 per month for each full month of service after continuous service of more than three years. (Ex: 10 years of service = 120 months x $7 = $840). This benefit is distributed annually in a lump sum, and is factored into each member's overtime rate.
  • 80 hours annual sick time, with annual buyback option (spring payment)
  • 80 hours annual vacation time, with annual buyback option (fall payment)
    • 5-10 years of service = 120/yr
    • 10+ years of service = 160/yr
  • Alternative/ Flexible Work Schedules - a program that gives members the ability to create a schedule that is life-compatable 2
  • Lateral entry program - adjusted starting pay based on qualified experience 3
  • Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) participation at 7%, with 2:1 city contribution.
  • Lake Worth Serves - a program that gives department members 40 hours of paid volunteer service leave each year
  • Additional Sworn Benefits:
    • Exclusive membership to Defender Outdoors Shooting Center, plus a 100 round allotment per month at no cost to the employee
    • Selective Traffic Enforcement Program - an optional overtime program that allows members to earn additional money while also contributing to their TMRS retirement. (Numerous options available under this program)
  • Additional benefits from the City of Lake Worth can be found here.

1 Proficiency Test Required
2 Certain Restrictions Apply. Subject to Approval.

3 Max. lateral entry is STEP 3.

Minimum Qualifications:

Police Officer/ Police Recruit 
- U.S. Citizen 
- 21 years of age at the time of appointment 

- Bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 OR

- 2 years of Law Enforcement Experience OR

- 3 years of active duty military experience with an honorable discharge OR

- 2 years of experience with the City of Lake Worth AND 30 college credit hours

- Good moral character and the ability to pass a background investigation, psychological examination, and a medical/drug screening 
- Valid Class C Texas Driver's License (or the ability to obtain) 
- Valid TCOLE Peace Officer's License (For Police Officer Positions) 
- Ability to pass a written general knowledge exam AND a physical fitness test (2,000m row using a Concept 2 Rower) 

    More Information: